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We'd love to cater your next party.

What We Do

Typical restaurants create food for indivdual serving. When people order food in large quantities, restaurants don't use the right ratio of ingredients to serving. Certain ingredients are either used too much or too little, and then dumped into a large tray. The result is that their taste is too strong or non-existent.


We specialize in cooking delicious Vietnamese-Chinese cuisine for large parties. Our equipment, technique, and recipe is specifically fine-tuned to deliver great taste in large quantities. We have mastered food catering.

Here's how it works:

Contact Us

Call or email us. Our friendly, patient, and accommodating catering host will answer questions and take your order, delivery date, and time.


Our recipe has been refined for over 20 years. Our chefs will magically craft your special order before delivery.


Rain or shine, have no worries. We'll have the delicious food arrive on-time. Enjoy great food with great company.